PE Film

PE lamination films are used as outer or inner layers in various multilayer packages providing barrier and/or adhesion properties to the overall packaging. Multilayer PE films contain different properties according to unique requirements of our customers and structure of the products to be packaged. Application areas such as easy peelable, easy tearable, high moisture barrier, low thermal adhesion ability vary according to type of packaging and product to be packaged.
Multi-purpose PE film is produced in response to the demand of our customers to use the same product in more than one structure and is preferred in products such as dry food, powder filling, granule packaging. It is suitable for customer applications with its low heat seal hot-tack performance, puncture resistance and suitable COF properties.
Bespoke films produced for Pet Food industry comes with high puncture and dart-drop resistance, along with easy perforation and optimum toughness providing they are suitable for lamination to metallised, PET, OPA, ALU type of films.
Predominantly our film is used as heat seal layer in wet wipes packages laminated to PET layer. An other application area is its use in disposable wet wipes as lamination layer to metallised PET providing moisture barrier next to enhanced reduced heat seal properties. Different types of lamination films are possible to be produced according to aggressive structures and solvent contents in wet wipes.
We offer films that can stay flexible in very low temperature degrees with high impact and puncture resistance, preventing flex cracks. These are ultimate products for packaging frozen seafood, vegetables and fruits.
Enhanced formulated easy peelable receipes are provided in our three layer machine providing best adhesion to other layers such as PP, PS, PVC, PET during lamination. If required, Antifog containing films can be introduced w,th best sealability in low temperature level.
As Cesur Film, we produce easily tearable lamination films preventing spillage of product during handling of dry food, coffee or hazel nuts. Our films tear in smooth vertical line during openning and are suitable for notch applications for vertical and horizontal filling in single layer or laminated packages.
Moisture barrier used as heat seal layer in doypack packaging is adjustable to fit customer requirements. It is fully compatible for zipper, notch or faucet applications and is suitable for lamination to OPP, ALU, OPA.