Bigbag Inliner

Bigbag inliners are PE-based products that are sized to fit in perfectly to the big bag they are inserted. Their mechanical and chemical structure is designed to meet customer requirements as well as international regulations and shelf life of the filled product required.

  • In order to provide complete efficiency and full fitment with no stress points during use It is designed to take exact dimensions of the bigbag it is inserted in.
  • Optionally, it can be produced and delivered in rolls to be completely sewn to the bigbag body by contunious vertical welding method on 4 sides.
  • It can be designed according to desired electrostatic requirements and produced with permanent and temporary antistatic versions.
  • Depending on use, it can be produced as gusseted or tubular versions with thickness varying between 20 - 250 microns.

It is a type of liner that is shaped according to dimensions of the bigbag with gusseted on two opposite sides. This design ensures that the liner fits perfectly to the upper and lower corners of the bigbag and is a user-friendly design that prevents pot holes and excess plastic consumption. Filling and discharging bottle neck dimensions of gusseted liner are designed according to dimensions of the filling and discharging chutes of machines at customers.

It is designed for a special type of bigbag that is used in fertilizer and cement industry. It comes with two suspension arms enabling lner to nhold on to the bag firmly during filling and discharging operations.

  • Food industry: Prevents moisture and humidity accumulation in all types of powder form products.
  • Chemical: Used in storage of flammable and explosive powder and granule products .
  • Pharmaceuticals: Essential packaging method to extend and keep shelf life of valuable pharma and pharmaceuticals.
  • Mining: Prevents discoloration of minerals and prevents leaking on long journeys.

Gusseted Bottle Type Liner

Tubular Type Liner