Stretch Hood

It is one of the most preferred pallet cover types to prevent damage during storage and shipment of palletized products, providing packed goods remain at their initial conditions during their life time. Customer attaches Stretch Hood to the pallets with fully automatic machines in their packaging area, without applying heat treatment, ensuring products on the pallet are protected from external conditions.
  • No heat treatment (heat tunnels or flames) is applied during use of Stretch Hood, which eliminates any possible risk and quality concern that may arise due to heat exposure.
  • Tailor made films with high tenacity, elastic recovery and stretching values are used form optimum stretch hood performance.
  • UV additive is used providing stretch hood is protected from external factors (sunlight, rain, moisture and dust) for an extended shelf life.
  • Ceramic manufacturers
  • Marble and Granite producers
  • Construction Chemicals manufacturers
  • Cement Producers
  • Brick Manufacturers
  • Gas and Concrete producers
  • Household Appliances Manufacturers
  • Petrochemical producers